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Your high school graduation day will give you good reason to celebrate. It's a time to honor your personal achievement, while also reflecting on what it means to your future. Perhaps your high school diploma is only the beginning, as you move forward to college, a better career and beyond.

Graduation news & updates

It was so wonderful to see our graduates last Saturday! We wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors!

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Open Letter to PHS Seniors

Dear Class of 2020,

What a year this has been! We started out the year with new campus staff, then we moved to a new building, then school procedures changed, then you stayed after-school to prepare for STAAR testing and then we were hit with a pandemic!

I can share this, your class will be the one that we most remember. Your generation has proved that you can navigate between physical and digital spaces with ease and still meet graduation deadlines! This year you pushed boundaries and challenged norms. You found ingenious ways to compensate for any gaps you may have had and pushed yourselves. Right now, you have the power to make the most out of this unfortunate situation. You are the MOST resilient and innovative group of students that I have ever known.

For just a moment, let’s reflect. Think of the people in your life who have encouraged, cared, inspired, loved you and sacrificed for you. These people throughout your lives have molded you to the person you’ve become in this very moment. Think about all the ups and downs you’ve experienced throughout your lifetime and especially over the last few weeks. Cherish these life-long memories, and live life to the fullest!

I hope to see you in years to come so that you can share the marvelous changes in your life! We love you and miss you!

-Mrs. Phillips

Graduation Packages

Seniors please place your cap & gown orders through Herff Jones at Click on "Shop by Schools" and Select Premier High School in Austin, TX in the drop down menu to view and place order.

Our Commencement Ceremony

For many Premier High School graduates, the highlight of their education is participating in our annual high school graduation ceremony. This is a live event that we hold every year at The University of Texas at Austin to honor graduates of Premier High School. Graduates, their family and friends are invited to attend to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Make your high school graduation happen. Call 512-518-6222 or enroll online today.

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