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Jared Olivarez

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Hello Students and Families!

My name is Jared Olivarez and I serve the following Premier High School campuses: Austin South, Austin North, Pflugerville, San Antonio East and West, New Braunfels, and Del Rio.

I am not only here to assist current students at Premier, but am here to serve all graduates of our high schools! If you're enrolled in college, planning to enroll or re-enroll, or if you'd just like some help or advice with college and career planning, don't hesitate to contact me at!

I'm happy to help get you to where you want to be.

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naviance | STUDENT

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Naviance helps students reach their goals by developing skills critical for college,career and life.

Deciding what to do after high school and how to do it can be confusing.

Visit Texas OnCourse for help and resources.

Texas OnCourse is a state-funded initiative to improve college and career readiness, their mission is to equip all Texas students for an educational and professional future that unlocks their potential.

Texas OnCourse empowers you to make decisions that will help you, your child, or your student succeed after high school.

Thousands of students, educators, and schools across Texas use Texas OnCourse resources.

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ResponsiveEd Alumni Network

The ResponsiveEd Alumni Network is the portal for connecting and serving the graduates of the ResponsiveEd family of schools. By providing connections to the things of most value to our graduates, the Network strives to foster relationships that create a loyal and supportive alumni community.

The ResponsiveEd Alumni Network wants to connect you to the things that are most important to you!